What Makes The Best Backpack Sprayer

What Makes The Best Backpack Sprayer

The best backpack sprayer is an essential lawn and gardening tool you can use for numerous applications. For one thing, you can use it in order to keep your garden free of weeds and pests. And secondly, you can use such a tool to keep your patio clean.

It is needless to say that investing in a high-quality piece of equipment can seriously simplify your gardening work. This way, you’ll work much more efficiently, and the results will show sooner. In this guide, we present to you the best backpack sprayer reviews and the features that make these products worth purchasing.

Manual Backpack Sprayer

The last thing you’d want to do is purchase the first backpack sprayer that crosses your path and afterward, realize that it was a bad investment. So, here is what you should know on the topic.

Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Let's take a look on our top recommendations for the best powered backpack sprayer: 

Winner: Chapin 63985 Battery Backpack Sprayer

Many people refer to this product as the best battery backpack sprayer. And that is due to a handful of reasons that we’ll briefly cover. Chapin is a company with extensive experience in manufacturing sprayers, being established in 1884.

And that is not all; Chapin has built an unshakable reputation for consistently surpassing industry standards. This particular model exemplifies this, as well.



  • Quiet operation
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • The battery unit operates accordingly, meaning that you don’t have to use the pump handle to maximize tank pressure
  • plus-circle
    Filling the tank is easy
  • plus-circle
    Excellent for small or medium-sized properties
  • plus-circle
    It is comfortable to wear
  • Some users might find the spray wand too short
  • The threads on the mouth lid aren’t correctly cut

To start with, in comparison with other similar units, the Chapin 63985 weighs roughly 40 percent less. This makes it comfortable to wear, as it applies less pressure on the back.

However, how much does the backpack sprayer weigh when the 4-gallon tank is full? According to our tests, the sprayer weighs roughly 42 pounds, when full. So, you shouldn’t cope with fatigue after using this sprayer extensively.

At the same time, it has a Santoprene seal inside the pump, which has a high chemical resistance. Concurrently, the sprayer features a comfy grip shut-off, not to mention that the built-in filter is a welcome addition. The serviceable filter has the role of preventing any debris from clogging the nozzle tip.

Another unique characteristic of this piece of equipment is the harness system. The straps are padded, whereas the waist strap optimizes the durability of the item. Plus, you can easily adjust the shoulder straps, to obtain a fully customized fit.

Chapin 63985 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Source: homedepot.com


If you maintain it accordingly, you’ll get a lot of use out of this sprayer, as it features a sturdy construction – this is something we find of crucial importance. That’s because a backpack sprayer is a long-term investment.

Furthermore, this unit is adequately equipped with the following: hose, sprayers, battery, charger, shut-off valve. It also comes with two nozzles – a cone nozzle and a fan nozzle, to be more precise. A good thing is that each nozzle is fully adjustable.

That means you can obtain the results you want depending on your needs. Moving on, you can spray five to six minutes per gallon. Alternatively, you may spray 1/6 gallon every minute. Another thing worth noting is that the flow ranges from .2 to .5 ounces per minute while having a broadcast width of 3 to 5 feet.

On a final note, you can easily utilize this sprayer for cleaning purposes, as well. This makes it quite versatile. Nevertheless, at all times, make sure you take the manufacturer’s instructions into account, especially when you’re spraying herbicides or pesticides.

By all means, make sure you use a face mask and don’t overlook the fundamental safety procedures.

Runner-Up: My 4 Sons Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

We continue our backpack sprayer reviews with this device manufactured by My 4 Sons. This item is designated for a medium range of garden spraying applications, being featured by a 60 psi output.



  • Long battery life
  • You can reach the top of the trees effortlessly
  • Made for heavy-duty usage
  • plus-circle
    Useful locking trigger
  • plus-circle
    It includes a free adjustable brass nozzle
  • It is difficult to assemble
  • When the battery is low, the pump runs continually

Furthermore, it has an adjustable output feature, as well as an adjustable brass nozzle you can use for various sprays. Plus, it comes with a 6" to 35" stainless HD wand, a rolling cart, a spray pistol and a 15’ extended hose. You can use it to spray roughly 30 feet, in a variable pattern.

Evidently, you may choose the spray pattern depending on your preference, from fine mist to extra-long distance jet, as the sprayer comes accompanied by four nozzles.

Moving on, you can use this battery powered spray for up to eight hours, with only one battery charge. In approximately eight hours, the unit gets a complete AC charge. The battery indicator lights are, without a doubt, useful additions.

During our tests, we noticed that filling the tank is effortless, thanks to the wide-mouth openings. At the same time, the screen filter deters the debris and dirt from entering the tank, which can prevent any unwanted complications that may arise.

“My 4 Sons Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Review” is locked My 4 Sons Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Source: my4sons.biz


Moving on, the device is equipped with a locking trigger, which significantly enhances ergonomics. Plus, the adjustable curved tip steep wand is ideal for on-target spraying. As for the shoulder straps, they are padded for a boost of comfort.

Without fear of contradiction, comfort is an important consideration when it comes to shopping for the best backpack sprayer. The last thing you want after completing the gardening chores is to worry about back fatigue.

Simultaneously, the design is practical, as it prevents leakage accidents from occurring. Safety is of utmost significance when you’re using a backpack sprayer; hence, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Moreover, this sprayer has soldered battery terminals, as opposed to screws, as well as swaged hose connections as opposed to hose clamps. This enhances the reliability and safety of the unit, minimizing the likelihood of leakage incidents.

Best Backpack Pump Sprayer

Here are our top picks for the best backpack pump sprayer:

Winner: Smith Performance Sprayers NL-400 Backpack Sprayer

If you’re looking for the best backpack sprayer for roundup, this item is worth considering. It is ideal for you if you have a spacious garden you want to maintain in excellent condition.

It is equipped with a 4-gallon tank, being capable of pumping up to 150 psi of pressure – this means it could be described as the best commercial backpack sprayer, as well.  



  • Practical harness and supportive straps
  • It features a responsive wand
  • Good value for the money
  • plus-circle
    Powerful pump action
  • plus-circle
    It is comfortable to wear
  • plus-circle
    It covers large distances
  • plus-circle
    Viton seals maximize the resistance to harsh chemicals
  • It isn’t motorized, which could be an inconvenience for some users

We could argue that this unit ranks high in terms of performance and practicality. We can assure you that it will dramatically ease your gardening tasks, allowing you to maximize your efficiency.

For one thing, this sprayer is made of durable, high-quality materials. Evidently, this means you can expect to get a lot of use out of this unit. To be more precise, the wand is made of stainless steel, and so is the tank frame.

It also features a built-in agitator that can withstand water-soluble solutions, liquids, and powders. In the meantime, thanks to its finely tuned mixing action, you can ensure that the liquid is ready for use on demand.

Plus, thanks to the sturdy Viton seals and gaskets, your safety is maximized, in the sense that the possibility of experiencing leaks is diminished.

Smith Performance Sprayers NL-400 Backpack Sprayer

Source: homedepot.com


We also found that this is a genuinely efficient unit. In other words, it accomplishes 65 percent higher pressure, if we were to compare it with other similar items on the market.

What is more, the patented pump design means that you can easily target the areas that are most difficult to reach. This way, you can depend on this piece of equipment for creating precise patterns.

As we already said, this is a backpack sprayer designated for large properties. Therefore, if you need to spend hours of your time battling stubborn weeds and pests that aim at ravishing your veggies and flowers, you should know that this unit is quite comfortable to wear.

That is thanks to the supportive straps, and the breathable, padded nylon harness. This design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders while granting you lumbar support. At the same time, you can make your pick at nozzle types; what is more, the wand is compatible with TeeJet nozzles.

Furthermore, the foldable carry handle and wand make it easy for you to store this unit. Not to mention that the shut-off locking system is a welcome addition.

Runner-Up: D.B. Smith Field King Professional Backpack Sprayer

One of the ways in which we could present this item is by saying it is the best backpack sprayer for the money. However, its affordability doesn’t undermine its efficiency in any way, as this unit will aid you to take control of your garden in a breeze.



  • No leakage incidents monitored
  • Excellent spraying capability
  • It has a practical design
  • plus-circle
    It is easy to assemble
  • plus-circle
    High pump pressure
  • Quite heavyweight
  • times-circle
    The instructions are difficult to grasp

Due to its 4-gallon capacity, this product facilitates up to 150 psi of spray. Simultaneously, the pressure regulator enables you to spray a continuous 25 psi. That being said, we would wholeheartedly recommend this item for gardeners with medium-sized properties.

As you might expect, you can use it for numerous purposes. For one thing, it does a decent job at killing weeds and spraying fruit trees. One of the best things about the item is that the internal pressure chamber supplies spray that easily reaches 20 feet in the air.

Similar to other products mentioned in our guide, the built-in agitator can deal with a wide range of liquids, water-soluble solutions, and powders. As for the internal paddles, their role is to mix the content.

D.B. Smith Field King Pump Backpack Sprayer

Source: thefountainheadgroup.com


Moving on to the construction of the best backpack sprayer, it has a sturdy plastic tank, a 21-inch poly wand, and brass internal components. As for the poly wand, it is engineered so that it can withstand damage from severe chemicals.

We advise you to determine your spraying application needs before choosing a nozzle. To be more precise, you may choose from four distinct alternatives, as follows: a brass adjustable nozzle, 2 flat fan nozzles, and a foaming nozzle.

After conducting various tests, we concluded that the pump action is efficient, as we expected it to be. And it facilitates clear-cut spray patterns. Plus, when we tested it in confined spaces, we found that the handle was easy to maneuver, thanks to the comfort grip.

On the other hand, the main downside is that this sprayer is quite heavy. Nevertheless, the shoulder straps are quite comfy, which aims at addressing this issue.

On a different note, we didn’t experience any leakage occurrences, due to the no-leak pump, which is definitely reassuring when you’re working with chemicals.

Best Gas-Powered Backpack Sprayer

This is our top recommendation for the best gas-powered backpack sprayer:

Tomahawk Power Backpack Sprayer

This item manufactured by Tomahawk Power could certainly be identified as the best gas-powered backpack sprayer. It is ideal for the application of herbicides and pesticides in orchards, gardens or vineyards. What is more, you may use it to prevent your garden from parasites and pest.



  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It is multifunctional
  • Practical design
  • plus-circle
    Durable, sturdy construction
  • The instructions are difficult to follow

Using the sprayer is quite easy, thanks to the efficient, practical design. For instance, we found that the control handle is excellent for a comfortable operation, round the clock.

Is it comfortable to wear this backpack sprayer? Similar to other high-quality models mentioned in this comprehensive guide, this unit is featured by padded, adjustable straps, so that you can use the tool comfortably and freely, with minimum fatigue.

Tomahawk Power 2-Stroke Engine Backpack Sprayer

Source: tomahawk-power.com


We could say that the durable and sturdy construction of this sprayer is one of its best characteristics. On that note, it is made of sturdy copper and brass pumps. This way, you don’t have to worry about potential rust or clogs that may arise due to chemical use.

That being said, the use of durable materials prolongs the lifespan of this unit. At the same time, the aluminum fans ensure a steady engine pressure rate. Plus, it’s worth taking into account that the unit is engineered for low vibration, which diminishes fatigue.

A potential downside is that we found the instructions provided by the manufacturer to be quite difficult to follow.

Leaving this aside, this is a high-quality unit worth considering if you want to invest in a gas-powered spray backpack. The price tag is quite steep, but that’s the norm with these devices.

Important Considerations To Keep In Mind When Shopping For The Best Backpack Sprayer

If you want to see what is the best backpack sprayer, you’ll definitely find the following section useful. In fact, the criteria below guided us in establishing what makes the best backpack sprayer, and what differentiates a high-quality item from an average one.

Still, something you should carry in mind is that each user has different expectations and needs. That’s why we cannot say that a particular product is the best one for all people.

Type Of Sprayer

Backpack sprayers can be separated into two fundamental categories: manual and motorized sprayers. Manual sprayers tend to be more affordable than motorized units. However, some users might think of the manual operation as being a downside.

On the other side, motorized units are equipped with powerful batteries, and they make the job easier. So, if your priority is convenience, it makes sense to invest in a motorized product. The thing is that these devices might necessitate more maintenance on your behalf – so it’s worth considering this, as well.

Gas Powered Backpack Sprayer

At the same time, backpack sprayers may be categorized depending on the type of pump. That being said, you may choose from piston-powered backpack sprayers and diaphragm sprayers.

For one thing, piston-powered sprayers supply excellent pressure, of approximately 90 psi. Plus, while this type of unit is more affordable than its counterpart, it isn’t compatible with extremely harsh chemicals. That’s because the chemicals may damage the piston.

Meanwhile, diaphragm sprayers are significantly more resistant to chemicals, facilitating faster pressure – if needed. However, the downside is that they might necessitate more maintenance.

So, how do you decide between the two? If you don’t need extremely high psi, then a diaphragm unit will do wonders. Nevertheless, if you plan on doing overhead spraying, getting a piston pump makes more sense, providing you with high pressure for overhead application.

Design And Fit

As you’ve already seen in our backpack sprayer reviews, comfort is of utmost importance. And there are some critical elements that aim at diminishing the fatigue associated with using a backpack sprayer.

For instance, the best models are featured by adjustable, padded straps and tanks that are specifically designed to offer an excellent fit.

So, a sprayer with adjustable padded waist, shoulder and chest straps will make it comfortable for you to use the unit for numerous hours.

An excellent fit is significant for your comfort and safety. In other words, if you fail to fit the sprayer accordingly, certain incidents may occur. So, make sure you bear this in mind as you search for the best-rated backpack sprayer.

Capacity And Pressure

Depending on the size of your property and how you intend on using the backpack sprayer, you should check the unit’s capacity and pressure. Generally speaking, professional-grade sprayers generate high pressure, up to 150 psi, whereas most sprayers might supply up to 95 psi.

Using Manual Backpack Sprayer

However, this depends on the product. We recommend you to take this into consideration, to ensure that both the capacity and pressure of the device meet your specifications.

Nozzle Types – How To Replace Them?

There are three main types of nozzles, as following: flat fan, cone sprays, and streaming nozzles. Obviously, carefully selecting the right nozzle for your needs is critical to get the best performance from the chemical you apply.

When it comes to replacing the nozzles, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions, so that you adjust the spray pattern accordingly.

Weight And Durability

As a rule of thumb, high-quality spray backpacks are equipped with durable tanks, which are made of high-density polyethylene. Concurrently, these units feature UV protection, for a boost of durability and safety.

That being said, we advise you to check the materials that the manufacturer used for engineering the unit.

As you might expect, depending on the materials used, the backpack sprayer might be either heavyweight or lightweight. It’s up to you to establish which element matters most to you – comfort or durability?

Evidently, the frequency of use is the main element that should be taken into the equation.

Maintenance Requirements

We all agree that a backpack sprayer is a long-term investment. Therefore, if you want to get plenty of use out of the unit, it makes sense to maintain it accordingly. While the manufacturer’s instructions might vary by the product, there are some critical guidelines that apply to all scenarios.

Backpack Sprayer Maintenance

For instance, you should always clean the sprayer after each use. Otherwise, you’ll imminently reduce the lifespan of the unit. You can use clean water or a commercial cleaner.

Secondly, during the cold season, you should use anti-freeze when storing the unit. And thirdly, you should lubricate the seals and O-rings at least once a year. If you use the unit frequently, you might make that twice a year.


If you’re searching for the best backpack sprayer, we advise you to take into consideration our recommendations. After conducting various tests, we can assure you that each product mentioned in this guide is worth considering.

However, before making your choice, analyze your needs, so that the product you pick will actually ease your work, not make it more tedious.

Although getting a reliable backpack sprayer might seem overwhelming, the information in our guide will hopefully make the shopping process easier.


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