Chapin 61500 Backpack Sprayer Review

chapin 61500 backpack sprayer

The Chapin 61500 4-Gallon Euro Style backpack sprayer is features a sleek European design, comfortable padded shoulder straps, good mid-range power, and affordable price tag. Let's see how this backpack sprayer compares!

chapin 61500 backpack sprayer
chapin 61500 4-gallon euro style backpack sprayer


Europeans are typically at the forefront when it comes to fashion trends. They do this by taking big risks when it comes to design and innovations. The issue with innovating though is sometimes not all changes are good innovations. Also, let's face it here in America we like things done our way. Especially when it comes to tools for that are going to make the life of a hard-working American easier! European designs might be a little too fancy, or so we thought!

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to the Chapin 61500 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer. We’ve been around our fair share of these tools before, so the first thing that stood out from this particular sprayer was its shape. Most backpack sprayers out there are either round or tall and rectangular. The Chapin 61500 is almost a perfect square. The form really shouldn’t have a significant influence on performance, but, it can affect comfort. Let’s just hope this is not the case!

This is a sprayer comes with a 4-gallon tank. As we mentioned, the tank comes in a square like shape and only weigh 10 pounds. This is a great asset and already a point in favor of the European design. It has the same amount of holding capacity as almost all of the sprayers out there while managing to be lighter and smaller in size. It comes with an adjustable spray tip so you can automatically go from a fine fist to a focused spray. No need to be carrying around 4 different nozzles that you can quickly lose at any given time.

The Chapin 61500 backpack sprayer can also play with the big boys when it comes to power. It is capable of spraying up to 25 ft in a horizontal direction, and 23 ft while spraying vertically. Comes with a 4-inch mouth for filling up the tank. It’s not the widest thing out there, but it does the trick. The sprayer has a piston pump system that has a good pump to spray ratio overall. You won’t find yourself pumping as hard as you can for hours to reach 25 ft in spraying distance don’t worry. The awkward design had us really intrigued and anxious to try it out!

  • check
    4-Gallon 4-inch wide mouth opening, translucent tank for easy filling and cleaning
  • check
    Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides
  • check
    Padded shoulder straps to accommodate a full backpack for hours
  • check
    2-Stage filtration system, one filter at the top and another filter at shut-off
  • check
    Translucent tank easy to keep track of fluid levels as you spray

What are other people saying?

Most of the people that took the time to document their experiences with this product online had very positive things to say. The chief praise was for the real no leak feature that this tank offers. A lot of the other sprayers even the ones that are tagged as no leak in the product description tend to leak when not appropriately adjusted.

One of the main problems people had was with assembling. This sprayer does not come previously assembled all the way. When not assembled correctly some issues may surface. As word of advice reading the manual before trying to put the product together intuitively could come a long way! Other than that things seemed to work great for most of the 300+ people who took to Amazon to voice their opinions. Giving the Chapin 61500 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack sprayer a 4.4 out 5 average on Amazon.

What we liked

The design and weight really stand out when you first see the Chapin 61500 backpack sprayer. Like we said its originality has us all anxious. We can say that the gamble worked and this sprayer really fixes a lot of the problems many others out there have. Like the leaks in the tank which are a major concern. The adjustable spray tip works great and makes for better on the fly adjustments while spraying. In turn, you can spray a large patch of land in less time. Great maneuverability and pump to spray ratio!

What we didn't like

It’s not that we didn’t like it. We think that a couple of things could be just a little bit better and that would put the Chapin 61500 backpack sprayer over the top. The straps are not all that comfortable. They could have better padding. Also if they made the mouth a little wider it would be easier to refill the tank and not spill chemicals at all. Saving you money and time in the process. Again we admit though these are minor details that could be better, but don’t affect the product’s overall performance in any way.

The Results

I give it 3.5 stars!

We were shocked with the performance from the Chapin 61500 backpack sprayer. Especially with how easy it is to use. The tank is sealed all the way through so there is no issue with any part becoming loose causing chemicals to stream down your back suddenly. This is an excellent feature for usage and overall safety.

The size and weight make a lot more comfortable to carry than many other backpack sprayers out there. The straps could be a little better, though. If they were, this could put this sprayer on another level as far as comfort goes. The adjustable spray tip works fine “as is.” No need to be changing nozzles for any specific job. At least in our case, maybe you have a more specific task you need to take care of. The lengths it promises to reach when spraying (23 to 25 ft) are just about right. Like we said you don’t have to wear yourself out pumping to reach them either. Very, very positive results overall on our end!

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