Chapin 61575 Backpack Sprayer Review

Chapin 61575 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer

The Chapin 61575 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer is as powerful as it is comfortable. It is compatible with bleach solutions and fungicides which makes this an excellent choice for mold remediation, cleaning and disinfecting jobs.


European design ladies and gentlemen here we go again! If you read our other article on the Chapin 61500 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer, you know how good we felt about that sprayer. So we were naturally very excited when we came across the Chapin 61575 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer. We were hoping that it would be just as good and then some.

For starters, The Chapin 61575 euro-style backpack sprayer was explicitly made for spraying chemicals, such as bleach solutions and fungicides. These chemicals are not usually sprayer friendly chemicals. A piston type pump along with corrosion-resistant seals, like Viton, are required. Of course, you can still spray water and other chemicals with this sprayer.

Standard 4 gallon capacity in the tank. The Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer basically includes all of the same features that the standard Euro Style Backpack Sprayer has. Including the very comfortable sealed tank. The tank is translucent as is the hose so that you can easily see how much “fuel” you have left in the tank. Also helps in the hose for easier detection of any potential leaks or if anything is causing an obstruction which clogs the entire mechanism. Helping make fixes a lot easier this way. It has a 4-inch mouth for filling the tank.

This sprayer is very comfortable. The Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer is a little lighter than most others out there, and it comes with decently padded straps so you can carry it on your shoulders.

The Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer has a very competitive spray to pump ratio even when pumping bleach. It is a powerful sprayer with a force of up to 100 psi and will reach a distance of around 25 ft.

Chapin 61575 features

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    4-Gallon 4-inch wide mouth opening with removable strainer
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    Compatible with bleach solutions and fungicides
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    Padded shoulder straps to accommodate a full backpack for hours
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    Up to 100 psi of pressure
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    25-Foot Max Horizontal and 23-Foot Max Vertical Spray Stream
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    Comfort-grip poly shut-off and reinforced hose
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    Adjustable cone and fan nozzles included
chapin 61575 backpack sprayer

The reinforced hose helps the Chapin 61575 reach up to to 100 psi of pressure
chapin 61575 4-gallon euro style backpack sprayer

The Chapin 61575 features a 4 inch opening with removable strainer.

What are people saying?

Surprisingly this sprayer has some mixed reviews a few issues reported online. We were genuinely surprised because the regular Chapin 61500 backpack sprayer had so much high praise. We really expected to see the same types of reviews for this sprayer! After all, they are basically the same thing, just applied to different materials. However, people have found the instructions to be a little confusing and have had trouble putting this sprayer together. We didn't experience this ourselves. The Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer is not difficult to put together.

What we liked

For starters, we hope we are not coming off as biased just because we really liked the other Chapin Euro Style sprayer. Overall though we think the Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer is an excellent sprayer, and maybe the perfect sprayer if you are spraying bleach or fungicides.

The fact that you can get 100 psi out of anything that is spraying bleach is fantastic. Yes, we would make a couple tweaks here and there to make it better, but not many products have this level of performance. Especially in this under 100 dollar price range.

We like the tank design as a whole, which is similar to the previous model. Typically when you have to tighten specific areas to keep the tank from leaking, it will eventually loosen up and leak. The fact that this tank is almost entirely sealed is something we really appreciate, especially when handling strong chemicals. Another useful feature that surprised us was the wand. It feels and looks a lot better than the typical Chapin wand.

What we didn't like

The straps are comfortable, but we have seen better. It would be nice to have slightly upgraded shoulder straps and a back pad. It is hard to complain though, for the price the Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer is a great buy.


I give it 4stars!

If you have mold remediation, cleaning, and disinfecting jobs, this is the sprayer for you. The high pressure and dual nozzles are great for getting the job done fast. The padded shoulder straps and sleek euro-style design help to make the Chapin 61575 backpack sprayer comfortable for hours.

If you aren't using bleach or fungicides you should also look at the Chapin 61500 backpack sprayer. Otherwise, if you still need help take a look at our buying guide for the best backpack sprayers.

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