Chapin 61700N Backpack Sprayer Review

Chapin 61700N 4-gallon surespray backpack sprayer

The Chapin 61700N Backpack Sprayer is advertised as the ideal backpack sprayer for the homeowner with 3 nozzles for versatility, padded shoulder straps for comfort, and a 4-gallon tank for large projects. Will it live up to the hype?


Imitation is the best form of admiration, or so they say. We’ve been testing these sprayers for a while now and there many of them that are very similar. Whether it be in looks or performance everyone brand copies certain aspects of what seems to be working for its competitors. Besides, there is only so much innovation that can go into a backpack sprayer, for now at least.

The problem with imitating or becoming very similar to other products is if you don’t surpass the original you run the risk of always being labeled as just another cheap copy. Especially when you lose your own formula by trying to copy, someone else’s. We had high praise for a different Chapin sprayer that really took a whole new approach to how the tank is placed and completely sealed it to avoid any leaks. In this case, though it looks like Chapin went all out with the Chapin 61700N 4-Gallon SureSpray Backpack Sprayer to make a sprayer that was precisely like Roundup and Field King sprayers. Chapin did try to make it a lighter more manageable product. To be honest, we aren’t really sure if 2 pounds are going to make a huge difference when carrying a full tank.

Enough with the comparisons let's dive right into the Chapin 61700N backpack sprayer. It weighs 10 pounds when empty and around 33 pounds when full. Perhaps the best feature in this sprayer is its 3 stage filter system. You won’t have any issues with things getting past it. The seals on the tank itself allow you to use it with virtually any chemical out there including fertilizers, killers, and pesticides.

The Chapin 61700N backpack sprayer also comes with 3 nozzles fan, cone, and adjustable brass. Allowing for at least a couple of types of spraying. In this, it isn’t as complete as most of its competitors. Which come with more nozzle options.

Chapin 61700N features

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    Poly shut-off with 3 nozzles - fan, cone and adjustable brass
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    Padded shoulder straps to accommodate a full backpack for hours
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    Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides
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    4-Gallon 4-inch wide mouth opening, translucent tank for easy filling and cleaning
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    3-Stage Filtration system with in-tank removable/cleanable filter

What are they saying online?

The Chapin 61700N backpack sprayer generally gave off a lot of mixed vibes to customers. It boasts a 3.9 out of five average rating on Amazon. Nothing too spectacular except that fact that it actually has very decent sales numbers despite some recurring issues. Most of the problems that people reported online had to do with missing pieces and poor instructions, Making this a complicated product to put together. When it is not put together correctly, it fails in the same way that many backpack sprayers do. And malfunctions occur all across the board. In reading the reviews, we believe that the lack of clear instructions is the main reason that people are having trouble putting this product together. Leading naturally to more potential failures. When assembled correctly it works just fine. Having a performance level that is comparable to the Field King line that it essentially is emulating.

What we liked

Even though there is a bit of negative buzz around this particular sprayer, we do have to give credit where credit is due. This product has one of the best to spray ratios out there. The filtration system is indeed one of the best we’ve seen as well.

Would that alone be enough to ultimately help the Chapin 61700N achieve a passing grade in our book? One thing that might boost this backpack sprayer up to a buy recommendation is the price. It is at the same price point as the Field King Max 190348 which makes it a difficult decision.

What we didn't like

We are still uncertain whether the Chapin 61700N backpack sprayer is durable or not. The wand was also insufficient in our book, it just seems cheap. We don’t want to fall into comparisons again, but these wands do look a little more on the cheaper side. Also like we said it seems the “padded straps” are only called that. They are not actually well padded. Overall this is not a product we would love to use for hours and hours at a time! We could see it as a decent low-priced tool for small work around the house. At this price range that seems a fair assessment.


The Chapin 61700N is a decent backpack sprayer for the money. We just feel there are some better options out there, like the Field King Max 190348.

We were tough on the Chapin 61700N 4-Gallon SureSpray Backpack Sprayer today. Maybe the biggest reason is that we hold Chapin to a high standard and this sprayer had trouble when compared to professional grade sprayer.

If you need help deciding for yourself take a look at our backpack sprayer guide.

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