Chapin 61800 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Chapin 61800 4 gallon backpack sprayer

The Chapin 61800 4 gallon backpack sprayer is a good, inexpensive, and lightweight sprayer that will meet a wide variety of needs. With a 3-stage filtration system, cushion grip poly shut-off and three nozzles included it is ready to handle just about anything you throw at it.

Chapin 61800 4 gallon backpack sprayer
chapin 61800 4 gal backpack sprayer shoulder harness

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Initial thoughts

If you were looking at two unknown products that perform identically, similar look, similar features, which one would you buy? I'd probably go with the cheaper one, and I'm guessing you would too.

Generally speaking, when we are shopping online or in stores, we have brands to guide us. If we're comparing two products but one of the brands is familiar that will help make a decision.

The location where the product was manufactured factors into the decision as well. I have seen the all-out crusade for made in China products grow over the past few years.

I understand that trust is a huge part of the buying process. There is a phrase they say in Mexico that means it is better to go with a bad person you know rather than, with a potentially good one you don’t.

chapin 61800 4 gal backpack sprayer opening
chapin 61800 4 gal backpack sprayer handle
chapin 61800 4 gal backpack sprayer nozzle

The idea is I’d rather know from the start in that I might get snubbed and be prepared than going in totally blind. It’s like when you are in a relationship with someone for many years. You are not 100% happy, but you’d rather not lose that than potentially be happier somewhere else.

Well, all of that happens to the Chapin 61800 4-Gallon ProSeries Backpack Sprayer. For all the Solo’s and Roundups of the world, there is a Chapin. A less expensive equal quality product? We’ll find out!

The Chapin 61800 4-Gallon ProSeries Backpack Sprayer is a 4-gallon multi-purpose Backpack Sprayer. It is compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. The only thing that you could say “stands out” as different from the other backpack sprayers is that it only has a variety of 3 different nozzle sprayers instead of 4. So all in all, not that different.

It comes with a 3-Stage Filtration system with an in-tank removable filter for cleaning and replacement. It is essential that it is removable as a lot of these sprayers tend to have internal issues because you can't assemble them and clean them properly. The range is 25 feet of horizontal spraying and 23 feet of vertical with the wand. They stress the clearness of the tank and tubes so you can visually see how much liquid you have left and easily spot an issue in the system if you ever have a clogged pipe. Overall it fits all the needs you could potentially have when buying a backpack sprayer.

Key Features of the Chapin 61800

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    4 Gallon translucent tank makes fluid level easy to see
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    3-Stage Filtration system with in-tank removable/cleanable filter
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    Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides
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    Cushion grip poly shut-off with three nozzles for a variety of applications
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    25-Foot horizontal and 23-Foot vertical spray stream
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     Padded shoulder straps to accommodate a full backpack for hours
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    Relatively lightweight at 9.26 pounds

What do people think about it?

Overall the Chapin 61800 backpack sprayer got some pretty good reviews. You can expect to get a lot out of a 4-gallon sprayer as long as you pump it up. People tend to agree that this is a “light” 4-gallon backpack sprayer which goes a long way. For me, I would have loved back support as I read many others would have. But you know going in you are not going to get it so no a knock there. People agree that the spray length it promises to have, 23-25 feet, is accurate. Overall you get what you paid for, and exactly as advertised.

Onto the sometimes harsh negative critics' section! Alright, so sad as expected there are some durability issues according to the reviews.

Some people experienced leaks others breaks, and tears in other parts. Three-hundred and twenty-six people took the time to post their review of the Chapin 61800 backpack sprayer online. Out of those around 34 had just a dreadful experience in their words with this product. I am not one to try and keep the peace, but I do understand that there are bound to be some wears and tears during the shipping process. We would hope to have that eliminated, but Amazon has not reached that level of efficiency. That is not what worries me the most, though. There are people out there claiming they emailed Chapin, the manufacture, and had no response. Also, some people advised reading the full warranty statement before buying as they could not get a refund after 30 days. The lack of product support is the most concerning. I would genuinely hate to endorse a company with a proven track record of poor customer service. That bothers me more than the product itself breaking apart!


I give it 3.5 stars.

I want to be clear I think this is one of the best deals out there as far as price goes. The Chapin 61800 is not the only sprayer, heck it’s not even the only backpack sprayer out there that I would say works great. One of the things it has going for it is that it is lightweight! It isn’t a bulky product which is excellent for some applications.

The wand though is not the best one out there. That is a bit of an issue even when working correctly. It might be the only other clear difference between this sprayer and a 150 dollar one. In my experience, nothing can save you from one day buying something that doesn’t work correctly. What I can’t bear is lousy customer service. So for this one, I am going to say proceed with caution!

If everything works fine, the Chapin 61800 backpack sprayer going to solve your needs for years to come. If not you may end up with a bad taste in your mouth. So I would advise read the warranty before you buy. Second, try it out the day you get it. Use it like you would any typical day. Try and do this as much as you can with the best possible care before the warranty runs out. So if anything pops up, you can be backed by the warranty. Hopefully, customer service will be helpful to you!

Alternatives to the Chapin 61800

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