Chapin 63985 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Review

Chapin 63985 Battery Backpack Sprayer Review

Gardening without the right set of tools can be genuinely tiring. That’s primarily why you should consider investing in high-quality pieces of equipment. And a durable, reliable product, such as the Chapin 63985 battery backpack sprayer will simplify your work.

You can use it in order to maintain your garden, and care for your plants and trees by keeping them free from pest infestations. And that is not all; you may also use a sprayer for cleaning purposes.

Chapin 63985 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer Nozzle

That being said, this review includes the main aspects you should know about this product: its strengths and weaknesses, the way in which it operates, ease of use, and other equally important considerations. We’ll explore these aspects below!

About The Product

I’ll start by pointing that Chapin is a reputable company in the realm of backpack sprayers. The firm is widely renowned for its determination to continually enhance the quality of the products and update them to address the needs of the consumers.

The Chapin 63985 is one of these products, in the sense that it is an excellent battery backpack sprayer, suitable for most homeowners. Here are its key features at a glance.

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    Deluxe padded shoulders that ensure the durability of the sprayer
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    The sprayer is equipped with a 20-volt Black & Decker lithium-ion battery
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    The 4-gallon tank has a 6-inch opening, making the filling and cleaning of the tank easy
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    The in-tank filter features a three-stage filtration system, which minimizes clogging
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    You can choose from three nozzles, designated for a range of different applications

The Results

If you own a medium-sized property, and you’re looking for a backpack sprayer that will do a thorough job every single time, then the Chapin 63985 is a decent pick. That’s because it will help you save time, effort and money.

According to the manufacturer, you may use 50 gallons of spray before needing to recharge the battery. Plus, thanks to the 35-40 psi of pressure, this unit delivers a steady, uniform stream.

If we were to talk about the durability of this piece of equipment, we would say it is quite sturdy. That’s because the manufacturer has used high-quality materials – namely translucent polyethylene. The opening to the tank is wide – 6 inches.

This means that even the clumsiest users will manage to easily fill the tank without unwanted spilling incidents. I find the built-in serviceable filter to be an excellent addition, as well, since it ensures that no debris or dirt will clog the nozzle.

If we were to compare this item with other products, we can say that a notable benefit is the fact that it is lightweight. To be more precise, it is about 40 percent lighter than similar units. Of course, this has a direct impact on your comfort while using the device. When it is full, the sprayer weighs more or less than 42 pounds.

Chapin 63985 Backpack Sprayer Battery

Another aspect that increases your comfort is the harness system. For example, both the padded straps and waist strap allow you to fit the backpack accordingly. This way, the backpack sprayer stays put, and you don’t have to worry about leakage.

On a different note, if you want to optimize the longevity of this unit, I advise you to rinse it after each use. Remember, properly maintaining this backpack sprayer is the secret to using it for many years to come.

What Others Say

Roughly 90 percent of the users who tried this product were happy with their choice. This is a reassuring percentage. To that end, according to reviewers, this battery-operated sprayer works excellently and allows them to save time and effort.

However, there were some minor complaints as well. For instance, some individuals were dissatisfied with the instructions that came with the product. Others noted that the harness system could do with some improvements.

Overall, though, the reviews are quite positive, which further outlines that we’re dealing with a high-quality product.

What We Liked

An excellent thing about this item is that it has a surprisingly quiet operation. At the same time, we think that it is really easy to use since it is atomized. That being said, if convenience is of major importance to you, this unit will definitely be down your alley.

Concurrently, it is the perfect match if you have a small or medium-sized property. This means it is suitable for most homeowners who are passionate about gardening. And last, but not least, the fact that you may use it for multiple cleaning operations is a major plus.

What We Didn’t Like

You should be careful when it comes to filling the tank. That’s because if you overfill it, there is the chance that the lid may leak. While this isn’t a disadvantage per say, it requires additional attention.

Plus, a potential drawback could be that the battery must be recharged for 3.5 hours before you may use it. To that end, if you need to use the device without previous notice, this could be a tad inconvenient. As you can see, the disadvantages are minor.

Buying Advice

In our opinion, this product provides decent value for the money. However, it is a considerable upfront investment, as it costs around $200. On the long run, though, it pays off.

Chapin 63985 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer


We ordered ours from Amazon, as we generally do when it comes to online shopping. The shipping was free. Plus, if the timing is right, you can get a more convenient price than we did.

Final Verdict

To conclude, if you were to ask us if we would recommend this backpack sprayer, our answer is absolutely yes. Without a doubt, it is one of the best products on the market, at the moment.

While we know it is a significant investment, this isn’t a purchase you make every day, so it makes sense to choose wisely. If you’ve already tried this product, we’d like to hear your input on the Chapin 63985 battery backpack sprayer!

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