Oregon 37-602 Backpack Sprayer Review

Oregon 37-602 Backpack Sprayer BPS416HD

The Oregon 37-602 Backpack Sprayer, also known as the Oregon BPS416HD Backpack Sprayer, is an excellent choice for commercial or heavy-duty use either on the job or around the yard.

Oregon 37-602 Backpack Sprayer BPS416HD

The extra large opening makes refilling fast and easy. The mechanical agitator keeps your solution well mixed for continuous spraying with no downtime.

One of our favorite features though is how well the pump works. With just 6 strokes you are at 45 PSI and maintaining pressure is comfortable with the smooth action on this pump.


We had been through a lot of backpack sprayers by the time we got this Oregon model. First off we had to go through an extensive web search to find out how long the guys at Oregon had been developing backpack sprayers. It’s not that we didn’t trust them to be able to make a decent product, but some companies have been making a whole bunch of different styles of sprayers for years on end, and even they don’t get the design right every time. That being said we really appreciated the opportunity to get a chance to try out a product from a company with a worldwide presence.

The Oregon 37-602 has a little bit higher capacity than other sprayers with its 4.2-gallon capacity. Despite the larger size, it is a couple pounds lighter than the average weight of most other sprayers we’ve tested. This sprayer, the Oregon 37-602 4-Gallon Heavy Duty Backpack Sprayer, only weighs around 8 pounds while empty.

It sprays at around 45 psi at the maximum force which can be reached with just a couple of pumps, and it is sustainable for about 30 seconds. The fact that the wand is a lot thinner allows you to actually feel the pressure beginning to decrease so you can easily calculate when you need more pumping. Other notable features are the mechanical agitator and Viton/Nitrile pump seal. Along with the pressure relief valve both of which are there to improve the pump system potentially making it more user-friendly and durable.

Oregon 37-602 Features

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    Wide 4.5" diameter lid allows for easy fill while the diaphragm valve included with the lid prevents leakage
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    65" hose and 28" chemical resistant wand
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    Lightweight trigger valve with a locking trigger
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    Lightweight at 8.8 pounds
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    Internal piston pump design virtually eliminates leaks
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    Pressure release valve prevents over pressurization
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    Versatile left or right-hand operation
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    Deluxe padded backpack straps

What are people saying?

The overall consensus we can find and actually agree with is that the Oregon 37-602 is a good sprayer. There are some issues, but most of them are because people assemble their sprayers poorly. This sprayer should not leak at all. If it does as it did for some people, it’s because you either did not tighten some of the connections properly or you have a broken part somewhere. If this happens to you, we suggest you explore all available options before entirely giving up on the product.

What we liked

We really liked the weight and overall maneuverability of the Oregon 37-602 backpack sprayer. The pumping is very smooth and the spray to pump ratio is excellent. You can easily maintain the pressure pumping as you spray, left or right-handed. The backpack straps are also pretty comfortable, the padding is a nice addition. You can order spare parts directly from the manufacturer so you can expand your sprayer’s lifespan with a couple of tweaks. Making the whole spraying experience a very positive one.

What we didn't like

The Oregon 37-602 backpack sprayer was a little more complicated to put together than some other models we've reviewed. This isn't a show stopper, just take your time and put everything together correctly and your sprayer will work correctly!

The shape of the tank is a little awkward. It works well we've just noticed that some sprayers, like the Field King 190350 Backpack Sprayer, are a bit more ergonomically shaped.


The Oregon 37-602 backpack sprayer is excellent for general purpose spraying. The quality construction will give you years of service and the lightweight design will make all those years of service a little easier!

I give it 3.5 stars!

We like this sprayer, but you should also consider the Field King 190350 Backpack Sprayer or the Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer. Both of these sprayers are excellent and in the same price range, so check them out!

We also have a great backpack sprayer guide if you want to do some more research!

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