Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer Review

Oregon 518769 backpack sprayer

The Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer is an inexpensive, lightweight sprayer which may suit your needs for smaller projects. We have reviewed more durable, higher quality sprayers in the past but if you're looking for something cheap to get the job done you may not want to invest the extra money in a sprayer that may not get a lot of use.

Oregon 518769 backpack sprayer

Initial Thoughts

Having quality products to work with is something we all prefer regardless of your field of work. In the computer world, you are probably going to be more efficient on the new Microsoft Surface Book than on an old PC with Windows 95. If we're talking tools then sawing through a 2x4 with a handsaw will work, but that circular saw will be a lot faster.

There are trade-offs though. You're going to pay a lot more for that new Surface Book, or a nice Dewalt circular saw. These tools can get expensive and sometimes you don't need that expense for a smaller job. Especially when you are buying tools to do some work around the house. I know from experience that tools are the adult’s toys, but not all hobbies have to be expensive.

That is where the Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer comes in! Most of the heavy-duty backpack sprayers out there come with a 4-gallon tank, as does the Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer. I know that doesn’t make them the same, but I was intrigued. This sprayer is considerably less expensive than others I have reviewed. As far as attributes go, it is missing no key features. It has a flexible hose that is 6 feet long, which is more than enough to get the job done in most cases. It includes a lance and spray nozzle. Not a huge variety compared to some of the others, but still gets the job done. It comes with a shoulder strap and weighs north of 7 pounds. I may have preferred two straps like a typical backpack, but it is less bulky and lighter than most so it might get the job done.

Features & Specifications

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    Lightweight design 7.75 pounds
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    4 Gallon Capacity
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    Includes lance and spray nozzle (choice of flat fan or adjustable cone)
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    Flexible hose is over 6 feet long
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    Shoulder strap and spare seal kit included
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    Lance holder
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    Compact and easy to store

What are people saying about it?

When reading some reviews around the web, a couple of things started to dawn on me. If you are accustomed to using hand-held sprayers, this will be a miracle worker. People agree it is efficient, and if you tighten all the parts correctly, it won’t leak. The only real issue with it may be the weight, or rather how it feels when full of liquid. The sprayer itself only weighs 7.75lbs, but when filled it can feel pretty heavy. With only one strap the weight is only held by one shoulder so that can become uncomfortable. The shoulder strap is also not adequately padded. The single strap and lack of padding make it a little harder to get through a full tank without having to switch carrying shoulders. It doesn’t seem to have any glaring durability issues, so that is a good feeling. Some people complained about the included instructions. Take it slow and don't force anything, it should come together just fine. Maybe I'll add a follow up with setup instructions? Let me know in comments if this would be useful.

Overall thoughts

So far so good! I think that for the price this is a practical backpack sprayer. I’ve had no leaks so far, so I know that all the money I put into the weed killers I buy goes directly into killing the weed. I think that having only a 6 feet hose makes things a lot easier for specific jobs. You don’t have to aim at anything from 20 feet away. So it increased my precision, again allowing me to waste fewer chemicals. The hose doesn’t get wobbly either, which is typically a major issue with other sprayers. It’s less bulky in general allowing for way better maneuverability. The spray nozzle works well in both instances. In my case, I don’t care how it sprays as long as it sprays at a decent pressure. The strap seems more an add-on that they added after production. It is not comfortable to wear. Maybe that is just me not being used to wearing only one strap. Overall all though works well, and seems like a durable product.

What We Liked

The overall performance is excellent. There are other products out there for more than double the price that will give you more hassles performance wise than this sprayer. It is also considerably less bulky than others. It makes it way easier to move around and to store. With others, they take up half a garage almost. Durability is also outstanding! That goes a long way for me. Even if it lasted only one season, I would’ve had no problem at that price. Knowing that it can be dependable for years to come is a comforting feeling, though.

What We Didn’t Like

The strap is horrible. No pads virtually at all! I don’t like the one strap feature at all; it isn't very ergonomic. It would be better with two straps that way you could distribute the weight. It is a lot lighter than others, but being forced to put all the weight only on one shoulder is not the best feeling in the world.

Final Verdict

I give it a solid 3 stars.

If you are looking for a sprayer for smaller, occasional work, the Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer might be the one for you. You will get a great return out of your investment as far as performance. You do not want to walk across acres of land with this single shoulder strap.

As we always say most of this equipment has to fit you and your needs perfectly for it to be considered a must buy! If we were only talking about a price to performance ratio, this sprayer could be fighting for the top spots. So there is no reason why not to recommend it for residential use. If you're looking for a backpack sprayer for commercial or extensive projects, this might not be the one for you. That’s no knock on the Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer though!

Alternatives to the Oregon 518769

The Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer is great for some jobs but we have some sprayers that may work even better for you. Take a look at some of our highest rated sprayers like this Smith Performance Sprayer or even this upgraded battery powered Chapin. We have a backpack sprayer buying guide that might be helpful as well. 

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