Roundup PRO 190412 Backpack Sprayer Review

Roundup Pro 190412 Backpack Sprayer no-leak

The Roundup Pro 190412 Backpack Sprayer does the work of a piston or diaphragm backpack sprayer. I love this feature as it gives you the best of both worlds! This sprayer features durability and long life of a diaphragm sprayer along with the high-pressure capabilities of a piston sprayer.

This backpack sprayer is a "Pro" model which means it has a few upgrades over the standard models. This is apparent when you look at things like the padded shoulder straps, threaded bolts for the handle, high-quality nozzles, and the no-leak design.

Roundup Pro 190412 Backpack Sprayer no-leak
roundup pro 190412 backpack sprayer

Roundup Pro 190412 Introduction

Sometimes trying too hard to look smart is not always a good thing. Innovative ideas move the world forward we understand that. Innovation though is a hit and miss type of business. For every hit, there are many more misses out there. When we are out there shopping around, we really have to be careful. Every company wants you to believe that their product is a home run when it’s more likely a foul ball.

How then are we to tell the difference between the two? We started looking at the Roundup PRO 190412 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer for a herbicide project we have coming up. This wasn’t our first rodeo when it came to Roundup products, so we were curious to find that there were very similar models with practically no difference between them made by the same manufacturer. It’s a standard practice in the tool industry we’ve yet to understand fully why.

The Roundup Pro 190412 sprayer comes with the standard 4-gallon tank we see on most backpack sprayers. The interesting thing here though is that Roundup has developed a new pump type that is neither a diaphragm nor a piston type pump, and apparently, not a motorized one either.

This system is still easily assembled and disassembled for easy and quick fixes. Same 4 nozzle system with a brass nozzle for multiple spraying purposes. The Roundup Pro 190412 has a lot of the same features as the top of the line fountain group products, which is to be expected. So again you know beforehand unless something comes broken you are going to get decent performance.

The most significant difference from the Roundup PRO 190413 model is the straps that this (the 190412) model comes with and the frame. These straps only include a life vest type belt for lumbar support. Instead of the full harness and better-padded straps that the other model has. The tank shape is also a little bit different, and the pump system is also a bit different. Other than that performance wise they are very similar with a 17 dollar price difference in between them that may or may not seem justified!

What are people saying?

Mostly pretty decent reviews for the Roundup Pro 190412 except for a couple of people who had some issues. There was one person in particular that caught our attention. He gave the product a one-star review because the tank leaked and spilled dangerous chemicals all over his back! Don’t get us wrong this is a huge issue. Of course, we are not keen on recommending anything that can cause damage and be a potential health risk. In this case, though it can come as a warning to anyone that is looking into purchasing these if they are not appropriately tightened sprayers tend to leak regardless of the brand. That is why it is recommended that you test them out with pure water when first taking them out of the box.

What we liked

Again like with this whole line of Roundup products, including the roundup pro 190412, we liked the overall handling and use of this sprayer. It works as advertised it can pump with up 150 psi of power. The wands in these sprayers are just better than other brands. It comes in at a decent price for a heavy-duty product. So the idea of not having to break the bank for a quality product overall always brings peace of mind. What’s not to like about that? 

We usually don’t give high praise to the fact that these sprayers are easily fixable, but in this case, we have to give credit where credit is due. These sprayers can be thoroughly cleaned as well. If you take care of it correctly, you will be able to prevent clogging or stop it when it is just forming. With that, you will expand the product's lifespan considerably.

What we didn't like

Overall it is a good backpack sprayer, but for the money, you're going to be happier with the more updated model Roundup Pro 190413.

If you happen to find the Roundup Pro 190412 at a steep discount somewhere it is still a great backpack sprayer!

Buying Advice

We have to admit this is a tough one to call. This is a product that is going to work just as well as many others out there that could cost almost double its own price. That being said you could just buy the 190413 version for 17 dollars more and get a better quality product with the same performance levels. If you are going to spend this amount of money on a backpack sprayer, it is because you have a constant need for it. If your needs are not that constant, or heavy-duty maybe a commercial grade sprayer from this same brand is a better option. Remember as well that this product has what Roundup calls an internal pressure chamber that is neither a piston nor a diaphragm pump.


Overall performance is good, but we recommend the Roundup Pro 190413 over this one. It just seems a lot more upgraded than this model for only a few dollars more.

I give it 2.5 stars.

Virtually all of the features that the Roundup Pro 190412 comes with we have already tested and retested. The straps are not good enough back support for people with chronic back pain like some of us around here. At least you can minimize this by not trying to work on a full tank. Other than that it works like most of these products do. A great wand as is standard with these types of products. It will work and work well.

Remember that we have a guide to help you find the best backpack sprayer as well. Although this particular backpack sprayer isn't one of our favorites we have reviewed some great backpack sprayers that you should check out.

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