Roundup PRO 190413 Backpack Sprayer Review

roundup pro 190413 backpack sprayer with no-leak design

The Roundup PRO 190413 backpack sprayer is a commercial quality backpack sprayer designed for professionals. What sets this backpack sprayer apart from consumer level sprayers is the improvements they've made for durability and performance. The Roundup 190413 backpack sprayer is a great performer and has the quality construction to ensure years of service.

roundup pro 190413 backpack sprayer with no-leak design
Roundup PRO 190413


What would you say is the most significant difference between amateurs and professionals? When it comes to sports, the difference may lay in physical attributes. In business, it might be profit margins. Overall though the real difference in almost all fields is performance. In this case, we are obviously talking about backpack sprayers. One thing is sure though, people who use backpack sprayers as part of their professional practice require top of the line performance and comfort. Otherwise, they will take longer to do their job and end up in terrible back pain after every day of work.

The problem is with most backpack sprayers an average person could not separate the “professional grade” products from the commercial ones if they were put together without a price tag. This makes it very difficult to know if you are getting a good product at a decent price or you are just being ripped off. There are many options out there at all price points, this only makes things harder! Today we will try and determine which category the Roundup PRO 190413 Stainless Steel No-Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer falls in.

The Roundup PRO 190413 backpack sprayer is a member of the "no-leak" line of backpack sprayers from Roundup, which is nice because no one wants chemicals leaking down their back.

roundup pro 190413 backpack sprayer

A 4-gallon tank is relatively standard in the industry and is what you'll find on the Roundup PRO 190413 backpack sprayer. It features a dual filtration system which will help prevent clogging. The built-in agitator will keep powders, liquids, and water-soluble solutions ready to spray!

We really love the power on the Roundup PRO 190413 backpack sprayer. It can spray with up to 150 psi, 65% higher than top diaphragm pump designs. The only backpack sprayer we've tested with more power is the Field King 190350 Backpack Sprayer. The roundup 190413 can easily reach up to 30 ft of spraying distance which is great for hard to reach areas.

The Roundup PRO 190314 backpack sprayer combines the high pressure of a piston pump with the long life of a diaphragm pump. It is the best of both worlds and will work with liquids as well as wettable powders at high pressure! The built-in agitator has been tested over 10,000 cycles with wettable powders and no failures, which is 3x more than the competition.

roundup pro 190413 backpack sprayer nozzles

It is a good idea to have a selection of nozzles for different jobs. The Roundup 190413 Backpack Sprayer comes with 4 different nozzles for extra versatility. The nozzles include a brass adjustable, a wide flat fan, a narrow fan, and a foaming nozzle. The Roundup 190413 also accepts TeeJet nozzles for even more flexibility. It also comes with a pressure regulator to limit pressure at 25 PSI to prevent over spraying chemicals such as herbicides.

The Roundup 190413 sprayer uses the highest quality Viton seals and gaskets. These Viton seals ensure long-term resistance to chemicals such as fertilizers, bleach, insecticides, and fungicides.

This might seem simple, but another nice feature of the Roundup 190413 backpack sprayer is that it is designed to be easy to repair. No tools are required for maintenance, the sprayer can be disassembled in minutes.

Roundup PRO 190413 Features

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    Highest Quality Viton Seals and Gaskets, no-tool design for replacement
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    Sprays up to 30 Feet at 150 PSI
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    Built-in Agitator keeps wettable powders and solutions mixed
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    Stainless Steel Tank Frame for durability
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    Deluxe Padded Harness
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    Folding Pump Handle with threaded bolt attachment for strength
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    One-Way valve to prevent chemical leaks

What we liked

We loved the performance and quality of the Roundup 190413 backpack sprayer. This sprayer does seem to be a notch above some of the other, more basic, models we've looked at in the past.

The Roundup 190413 backpack sprayer performed really well for us, spraying well over 30 feet once fully pressurized at 150 PSI. The extra durability can also be seen with the handle, which features a threaded bolt for attaching the handle. Most backpack sprayers have a simple cotter pin which leads to a wobbly handle and failures down the road.

The included padded harness works well on the Roundup 190413. This is a higher quality construction than you find on other models and is quite comfortable. This helps make the additional weight a little more tolerable as well.

What we didn't like

Ok, so the Roundup PRO 190413 backpack sprayer is a little on the heavy side. Heavy duty sprayers often have this same issue, it is just the result of using more durable materials such as stainless steel.

One suggestion that we have is only to fill the tank half way. You are reducing your capacity but making the work a lot less strenuous. If the weight is an issue just lower the weight and refill the tank a couple extra times. The large tank opening and double filtration system make refilling easier anyway.


The Roundup PRO 190413 backpack sprayer is an excellent backpack sprayer. It works well, it is comfortable, and it will last.

I give it 4 stars!

Is it worth the extra money though? 

If you plan on using the Roundup PRO 190413 for multiple jobs or multiple years, we think this is a great buy. You'll pay a little more up-front compared to more basic sprayers such as the Roundup 190314, but over time the PRO model may pay for itself with increased durability.

If you haven't quite made up your mind you should read our buying guide to help find the best backpack sprayer.

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