Smith 182943 Padded Shoulder Straps

Smith 182943 Padded Shoulder Harness

The Smith 182943 padded nylon straps are technically a replacement part for the Smith NL401 backpack sprayers, but they actually work as an excellent shoulder strap upgrade for many backpack sprayer types. This is a great way to add some comfort to an old tired backpack sprayer.


In our experience with tools in general and backpack sprayers specifically, we really can’t count how many times we’ve said, “If this were just a little more comfortable it would be great.” Especially when it comes to tools that are less expensive yet have excellent performance. Often times manufacturers will remove comfort features on their lower priced models.

The problem with backpack sprayers is that you really can’t use them for an extended period of time if their straps or handles become very uncomfortable. It ends up being a huge factor in deciding whether to buy or replace the backpack sprayer. The worst part is that these parts are usually not upgradable.

It now looks like we have an option to add some comfort to most backpack sprayers including Smith, Field King and Roundup sprayers. The fountainhead group has created a version of their padded nylon straps under their brand Smith Performance Sprayers, but it seems to fit most sprayers. Be warned though according to the product description we found online these straps are only compatible with the NL400, NL401, NL402, NL403 No Leak Backpack Sprayers.

However, from the looks of things, we actually think that the Smith 182943 shoulder straps can fit way more sprayers from this brand and other brands. The strap connections are standard and can easily be attached to most backpack sprayers including Smith, Roundup, Field King, Stanley and more.

Like we said we have been highly critical of the ordinary non-padded, or minimally padded straps that come with many of these sprayers especially the lower cost ones. Since it seems that the manufacturer is trying to push consumers into buying a higher quality model that is going to be more expensive to be able to get a comfortable product. As far as this particular harness goes, it has a couple of neat features that make your spraying experience better overall.

First off are obviously the padded straps. The Smith 182943 shoulder straps take a lot of pressure off of the shoulders, especially when spraying with a full tank which can usually get really heavy. The back support cushion might be a little bulky for some and an absolute need for others. Remember that all of these features are adjustable so if you feel like there is something that doesn’t fit right, just check and adjust the straps until you are completely comfortable. The assembly is relatively easy, so we really don’t think we need to cover it that much.

Smith 182943 features

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    Deluxe shoulder harness and back support cushion
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    Includes a storage area for nozzles
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    For Smith Performance Sprayers NL400, NL401, NL402, NL403 No Leak Backpack Sprayers
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    Also happens to fit many other models and brands

What are people saying?

A perfect score for the Smith 182943 shoulder straps! There aren’t many reviews online for this harness, but it has managed to pull out a perfect score! Which we totally feel is noteworthy regardless of the fact that it has few reviews. One of the things that we found in the discussions was a claim that this sprayer was able to fit a Stanley sprayer. We believe that if it was able to fit another brand of sprayers we could get it to fit most Roundup, Field King and Smith sprayers.

What we liked

Like we’ve said all along we really like the Smith 182943 shoulder harness. We actually have had more trouble figuring out what we didn’t like. Besides the fact that straps and back support provide great comfort levels there are a couple of cool features like the pocket to carry the different nozzles. That way you won’t have to carry them around in your pocket and risk losing them. Also, it has so many adjustable straps so you can find the best fit for you. Even though the back support may not fit everyone, it can still be adjusted pretty well. The potential fact that we may be to upgrade some of the other less expensive sprayers is also a useful feature. We can get these straps on a relatively good number of sprayers.

What we didn't like

There isn't much to not like about it. We do wish they advertised the other brands it will work on. This is a great padded shoulder strap for backpack sprayers, I just wish more people knew it was an option for their backpack sprayer!


If you have a Smith Performance Sprayer and need a replacement shoulder harness, this is an obvious buy. If you have some other brand of backpack sprayer with an uncomfortable shoulder harness, this could be an excellent upgrade!

I give it 4 stars!

The comfort and quality of this shoulder harness make it a definite recommendation from us!

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