Smith NL401 Backpack Sprayer Review

Smith NL401 backpack sprayer

The Smith NL401 no-leak backpack sprayer is built to work as hard as you. This is part of The Fountainhead Group's professional line of backpack sprayers for cleaning and mold remediation. This is a top-of-the-line diaphragm pump backpack sprayer for bleach, cleaners, degreasing, mold remediation and more. This is currently our favorite backpack sprayer for this type of work.

Smith Performance Sprayers NL401 Padded Straps


We were finally able to get our hands on one of the Fountainhead Group’s top-of-the-line sprayers! The Smith Performance sprayer line is the line that this manufacturing group uses to put out its top backpack sprayers.

However, the sprayers are built very similar to the way that Roundup and Field King sprayers are. If you are familiar with them then, you know what we are talking about.

The same design that allows you to take them apart in a matter of minutes without the need for tools. So that you can make quick and easy fixes on the fly, and also take them apart to allow them to dry. This is especially beneficial when it comes to these backpack sprayers that you can spray things like fungicides and bleach with! The main issue we have though is figuring out whether buying this version is actually worth the difference in price. We know that the sprayer will work adequately, but maybe we could do the same things with a sprayer that is half the price of the Smith Performance NL401 No-Leak Backpack Sprayer.

As is expected with a product of this caliber it is regarded as a commercial grade tool. It is built with a robust stainless steel frame to handle years of abuse. The pump is designed to minimize wear so your backpack sprayer will last longer and pump easier.

The Smith NL401 no-leak backpack sprayer is explicitly built for chemicals. It features the highest quality Viton seals and poly lined stainless steel wand. In this particular case rest assured that the Smith NL401 No-Leak Backpack Sprayer can handle bleach, fungicides, and all of the strong chemicals you can think of.

The Smith NL401 backpack sprayer features the same no-leak tank we have come to know from the fountainhead group sprayers. These products can be taken apart easily for repairs and to dry out. This will give it better durability then almost anything else out there.

It has 65% more power than other diaphragm sprayers. Reaching all the way up to 150 psi. The new design in the pump has 60% less replaceable parts so again it makes it a lot more durable. It comes with 4 distinct nozzles as basically as all of the other sprayers from this line do. The difference here is that one of those nozzles is a unique high-performance foaming nozzle. Great for using that 150 psi to spread all of those chemicals around!

Smith NL401 Features

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    Poly lined 21-inch stainless steel wand with shut-off
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    Highest quality Viton seals and gaskets
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    Harness with Lumbar Support
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    The NL401 reaches 150 psi with this internal pressure chamber
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    65% more power than leading diaphragm pump backpacks
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    The internal paddles are triggered with every pump


If you are a professional, or just someone who believes in investing in quality tools, this could be the backpack sprayer for you. The Smith NL401 Backpack Sprayer is the best option we've found for cleaners and mold remediation, we highly recommend this backpack sprayer.

I give it 4.5 stars!

If you don't want to spend the extra money on a Smith NL401 sprayer, we also recently reviewed the Chapin 61575 Backpack Sprayer, which is also designed for bleach and harsh chemicals. The Chapin is about half the price and a decent backpack sprayer, it just isn't built as well. 

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