Solo 417-18L Backpack Sprayer Review

Solo 417-18L Backpack Sprayer

I'm diving deep into features and applications for the Solo 417-18L backpack sprayer but if you need to get up to speed on the basics checkout my backpack sprayer 101 guide!

Solo 417-18L Backpack Sprayer

Spring is upon us! For those of us who really suffer during the winter season, it is one of the best times of the year. Personally, I think it’s the only time of year when the weather is just right! Not too cold to where you're freezing your toes off or blazing summer heat where you feel like you’re melting away.

The worst part about spring is that mosquitoes and allergies typically come back with a vengeance. As well as many other potentially harmful pests. With all of these things, it makes it really difficult to enjoy a day out in the yard. Luckily I decided to begin preparing myself early this season and wanted to have all of my lawn sprayed with pesticides to keep all the menacing little creatures away. As well as chemicals to help my plants grow better. I was actually kind of afraid at first because obviously playing with poisonous chemicals isn’t the easiest thing to do. So I went down to my local home improvement store and took a quick course on how to handle chemicals. All I needed then was to find A sprayer or some sort of dispenser. That is when I came across the Solo 417-18L backpack sprayer I'm reviewing today!

Solo 417-18L Backpack Sprayer

Solo has always been a trusted brand when it comes to backpack sprayers so I went straight for their product. I figured that since my lawn was pretty big I could use the 4.5-gallon tank. It also has a 12-volt lead gel battery that is rechargeable within 5 hours. It’s no fun when you forget to recharge, but it’s still better than trying to run around your property with an 80-foot cord. So, you win some and you lose some. The sprayer can be adjusted easily to two types of pressure releases. From 36 psi to 62 psi. I really don’t mind it having only 2 options since I think both levels are very manageable I typically don’t need to be extremely careful with my plants. I do realize though that this might be an issue if you are using it for a greenhouse controlled environment. Where you could need a precise amount of pesticide per each individual plant or something like that. Where you had a very specific use for the product other than that it works fine. Just put on the straps like a backpack adjust the pressure and start spraying no problem.

Key Features for the Solo 417-18L Backpack Sprayer

  • Impressive spraying performance with a 12V Electric Pump
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • 4.5 US Gallon (18L) HDPE, translucent
  • check
    Adjust pressure with two-step Toggle Switch: 36 psi and 62 psi
  • check
    Maintenance free 12 V lead-gel battery, fully charges in 5 hours
  • check
    Ideal for spraying pesticides, herbicides, and for general spraying


  • Large gardens, decorative plants, and shrubs
  • Greenhouses
  • Weed control
  • check
    Agricultural crops


  • Plant care
  • Protection against game attack

It's a good backpack sprayer that essentially works as advertised.

While doing some more research before making my purchase of the Solo 417-18L Backpack Sprayer I found that it has not been available online for long. At least on Amazon which would have raised a red flag for me, had it not been a Solo backpack sprayer. 

The few reviews that are out there really don’t say much. Except for a negative review that states he had some electric issues with the charger. I don’t want to totally disregard this issue as an isolated one, but a lot of things can go into an electronic failure. It could even come down to the wiring in your own house that can ultimately cause an electric malfunction. The best things to take away from this bad review is to make sure that you have decent wiring where you decide to charge your battery. Preferably it is a place that is not close to any flammable products. Since these types of batteries have been known to be highly flammable products. He caps off the review by saying that he returned the product without any issue from the manufacturer or the seller.

I really found that reassuring. You know that you are buying a product from a respected brand that will own up to their mistakes and quite honestly would much rather give you a refund than try and fight you over one sale.

Overall people agree it is a decent product made by a trustworthy manufacturer. It sits at a mid-range price. So as far as that you can really determine whether it is a smart buy for you based on what your personal needs are!

More Power Equals Less Hassle!

When it comes to tools I would rather spend a couple more bucks on something that is going to make your job easier. 

A lot of backpack sprayers come with a 4-gallon tank, or something around that size. Which mostly means that the vast majority of these products are going to weigh around the same.

For those of you who have done this before and are getting up there in age you know that the last thing you would want is to be carrying around something that doesn’t perform well. The hassle of carrying it around is going to be about the same, but if it doesn’t properly spray that could waste time and energy. It can cause you to have to bend your knees more get a lot closer to your target, and overall have to do more physical work. That is going to be strenuous on your back and after a while your whole body. Not to mention some of the chemicals we work with are not things we want on our skin or clothing. This could also lead to potential injuries.

So the bottom line for me in choosing the Solo 417-18L backpack sprayer was it’s spraying pressure. I literally don’t have to be bent over a plant to be able to apply the insecticide to it. I can walk around my lawn upright the whole time and spray everything at distance. Saving time and my body in the process.

Of course, there is always a chance that this tool was a good fit for me and not for you or vice versa. So I ultimately recommend that you do your own personal research until you are comfortable with making the purchase. You can check out the Solo 417-18L Backpack sprayer at Amazon!

I give it 3.5 stars!

If the Solo 417-18L backpack sprayer isn't right for you check out my buyer's guide to help you find the best backpack sprayer!

If you have any more questions please comment below or checkout the Solo backpack sprayer manufacturer page . Thanks for visiting!

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