Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Landscape Sprayer Review

Solo 430-2G 2 Gallon Farm and Landscape Handheld Sprayer

The Solo 430-2G Farm and Landscape Handheld Sprayer is an inexpensive, commercial quality sprayer for medium to large jobs around the home, garden or professional applications. We love the simplicity of its design, and its quality construction will provide years of service. With just a 2 gallon tank this handheld sprayer is light-weight, maneuverable and easy to use.

Solo 430-2G 2 Gallon Farm and Landscape Handheld Sprayer
Solo 430-2g Farm and Landscape Handheld 2 gallon Sprayer


Quick, easy, and reliable. Those are the 3 main characteristics people say they typically look for when shopping for new tools. At least in our experience. How is it then that even those of us who declare ourselves experts on the matter end up with slow, difficult and flat out awful tools from time to time?

The secret to becoming an expert is that you typically have to be a simple novice first. As Thomas Edison used to say, “I have not failed I just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” The main issue that leads to failure specifically when shopping for tools is not being fully conscious of what your real needs are.

You needed a simple sprayer, and you ended up buying a firefighters hose! We’ve all been there, but there are ways to keep it simple. When it comes to sprayers, you could definitely go with the Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Farm and Garden Sprayer.

solo 430-2g commercial quality nozzle

The 28" unbreakable wand and commercial quality nozzle system ensure long life and top performance

Solo 430-2g Handheld sprayer

The commercial shut-off valve with lock-on / lock-off reduces fatigue

The Solo 430-2G handheld sprayer weighs only around 4 pounds, and it comes with a shoulder strap, so you don’t have to be carrying it around the whole time while you spray. It has a 28-inch wand that allows you to spray from up to 4 feet away. So, even though it is a smaller product, you can still get decent range out of it. Also, it can spray with a power of up to 45 psi.

solo 430-2g handheld sprayer

The Solo 430-2G features a handy storage compartment for all of those nozzles.

Solo 430-2g handheld sprayer top funnel and handle

The commercial shut-ff valve with lock-on / lock-off reduces fatigue.

I do like the selection of nozzles that are compatible with the Solo 430-2G sprayer. It comes with a collection of 4 Solo nozzles, and it is compatible with all TeeJet nozzles! The lock on/off features for continuous spraying is excellent as well, it really reduces strain. The tank itself has the typical Solo Viton seals that allow you to spray all types of chemicals from water to all types of herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. All in all its a smaller product with all of the quality features that other bigger products have.

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    Easy-to-fill funnel top and easy-to-clean large secondary opening
  • check
    28-Inch unbreakable wand provides extended reach
  • check
    Chemical resistant Viton seals provide outstanding durability
  • check
    Four-nozzle assortment for multiple spraying tasks including plastic adjustable, fan spray, hollow cone, and jet stream nozzles. TeeJet® compatible
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    4ft of high-pressure hose
  • check
    Features commercial quality shut-off valve to reduce fatigue
  • check
    Handy storage is included for the different nozzles
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    Adjustable nylon carry strap
  • check
    Durable high-density poly (HDPE) parts, tank, and pump
  • check
    UV resistent tank
  • check
    2 Year warranty
  • check
    Weed Control
  • check
    Insecticide and pest control
  • check
    Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
  • check
    Public gardens and landscaping, greenhouses
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    Agricultural crops

What is everyone saying about it?

The Solo brand is very popular, and this sprayer is no different. The Solo 430-2G Farm and Landscape sprayer has overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the web.

A few people have complained about the pump mechanism though often times, with these types of products, sometimes malfunctions appear when they are not taken care of appropriately. We don’t intend to disregard the warnings entirely, but typically these issues are a direct result of improper usage or maintenance. Other people have reported some malfunctions, but Solo customer service makes it easy to get a replacement. 

What we liked

The overall performance for such a small product like the Solo 430-2G Farm and Landscape sprayer is overwhelming good. The pump to spray ratio is pretty good. When dealing with chemicals with higher viscosity, you are going to need to pump more to reach further distances.

I loved the comfort level! This might not be everyone’s favorite asset, but we are more accustomed to testing heavier and bulkier products, so this felt great. Carrying the Solo 430-2G sprayer around was not a problem.

The 28" unbreakable wand is a nice feature as well. With a longer wand, you don’t have to bend over or reach for virtually any spraying job. Your back will probably thank you for working without the added weight on it that comes with all of the backpack sprayers out there.

What we didn't like

We couldn't find anything we hated about the Solo 430-2G sprayer. The one thing I can think of is the pump stroke is a little short, I would rather see fewer, longer pumps for efficiency. That isn't a show stopper in my opinion.


The Solo 430-2G Farm and Landscape sprayer is a great buy if you're looking for a smaller, lighter alternative to a full backpack sprayer. The commercial quality parts, well thought out design and light-weight maneuverability all come together to make a great handheld sprayer.

The Solo 430-2G Farm and Landscape sprayer might not be what you're looking for if you have very large jobs or require greater capacity. In that case you should read our Best Backpack Sprayer Buyer's Guide here. We also have a Backpack Sprayer 101 Guide available if you're new to backpack sprayers!

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