Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer

Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer

The Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer is a rugged and flexible sprayer worth taking a look at, especially if you're looking for a lighter alternative to some of the other backpack sprayers out there. It features a proven piston pump design which works well for spraying liquids and insecticides in you garden or greenhouse. 

Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer


Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer


Features for the 473-P Backpack Sprayer

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     High performance piston pump for increased pressure capabilities of up to 90 psi.
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    Rugged metal frame for stability when filling.
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    Extra-large tank openings for easier filling and cleaning.
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    28" unbreakable wand and shut-off valve for excellent reach.
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    Commercial shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature to minimize user fatigue.
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    Viton® seals in key locations ensure long service and durability.
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    Interchangeable pump handle for left or right-hand operation.
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    48" nylon-reinforced high-pressure hose for extended reach.
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    Double filtration system: filter basket and nozzle filter.
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    Four-nozzle assortment for multiple spraying tasks: adjustable, fan spray, hollow cone, and jet stream nozzles. TeeJet® compatible.

The advantages of buying Solo products are substantial. I’ve had a couple of them now and have had great experiences with them. At first, I was skeptical. Before I got into landscaping and backpack sprayers, in particular, the only Solos I knew where Han and the Solo Cup. Neither is a particularly useful reference in this field.

However, I got to know some of their products and was particularly impressed with their tanks. All of their containers, whether it be from their smaller products to their four-gallon tanks, can hold whatever type of liquid you need to be spray. They can carry any liquid pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer. I am getting a little ahead of myself with all the benefits. It is just that I personally really rely on this line of products.

Sample Applications

  • Large private gardens
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    Decorative plants, and shrubs
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    Public Gardens and Landscaping
  • Greenhouses
  • Weed control
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    Agricultural crops
  • Plant care
  • Protection against game attack

Recently I bought a Solo 473-P 3-Gallon Backpack Sprayer as a gift. I use the 4-gallon battery-powered model, but this friend needed something a little lighter. Even while being a little smaller and only holding 3 gallons it still weighs 34lbs when full of liquid. Remember when you had to carry a backpack full of textbooks? Even so, the fact that it has padded shoulder straps goes a long way.

The thing that makes this particular product stand out is the High-Performance Piston Pump. It can pump liquid out at a maximum pressure of 90 psi. That is pretty decent for most jobs. The most significant issue is having to do the pumping by hand. The upside is there are no batteries or electrical devices needed so you can you use it whenever you feel the need to.

473-P Backpack Sprayer Wand


The Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer has an interchangeable nozzle system which means that you can choose from a fan spray mode to a regular spray all the way up to a jet stream mode where you are going to feel the full 90 psi. It has a 28-inch wand so you can have an extended reach. Some people even said that they attached other brass pipes to make it have an even longer reach. I haven't tried that, but it seems to me that with that water pressure you shouldn’t have a problem unless you are dealing with a thicker liquid than water itself.

Let's put this backpack sprayer to the test.

So here are a couple of opinions of people other than myself who have put this sprayer to the test. Here is one example: “Very well engineered sprayer. Just the perfect size and weight. The 3 gallons is plenty and much lighter than the 4-gallon size.” That comment was one of the first ones I saw. I am not posting it here to prove a point, but rather to realize I may have made the wrong purchase with the 4 gallons one. 

Of course, there are naysayers out there like always: “My new Solo arrived today with the right strap broken and one washer completely missing.” Pretty bad right? I chose this review to make one thing clear. Sometimes manufacturers don’t have total control over shipping. This product ships directly from an Amazon Warehouse. So she had a horrible experience, but they quickly exchanged it. After getting it back, she had this to say “The company promptly and cheerfully replaced the broken and missing parts. I have very much enjoyed using this sprayer … except for the cheap-feeling wand” Still critical but honest.

If you receive a broken product, or you don’t feel satisfied with it, return it! Also, make sure that you buy from a verified seller that offers a warranty.

As far as the wand, this sadly happens often with extendable like wands. There is another review that says they adapted a brass one if that is the only issue maybe that is the way to go. It is tough to find a product with no problems especially something in high demand like this Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer.

Specifications for the Solo 473-P backpack sprayer



Horizontal Spray Distance

25± feet

Vertical Spray Distance

20± feet

Dry Weight

10 lbs

Average Full Weight

34 lbs

Pump Type


Ideal Chemical Formulations


Max Pressure

90 psi

Manual Pressure Adjustment

Not Standard

Hose Length

4 feet

Shut-off Valve & Wand Length

2¼ feet

Trigger Lock


Interchangeable Nozzles


Pressure Relief Valve


Inflation Valve


Pressure Gauge

Not Standard

Pump Lever

Standard, Fixed

Carry Strap

Independent Straps

Waist Belt

Not Standard

Carry Handle

Not Standard

Tank Material


Hose Material

Nylon Reinforced PVC

Shut-off Valve & Wand Material



1 Year

What do I think about it?

I have a feeling most of you are going to think that I am a little biased about this product. After all, I did praise the brand a lot, but I am trying to be critical here. I would give it a 4.0 out of 5. The reason being is that when fully functioning this is a very decent product. You could use it for things like watering your plants all the way to washing your car or even fertilizing, great flexibility. The Solo 473-P Backpack Sprayer is a buy if you're looking for a durable lighter weight sprayer. 

I give it 4 stars!

If the Solo 473-P backpack Sprayer isn't right for you check out my buyer's guide to help you find the best backpack sprayer

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