Solo 475-B-Deluxe Backpack Sprayer

475-b-deluxe backpack sprayer

If you're looking for a backpack sprayer to work with harsh chemicals such as wettable powders, liquid and bleach solutions you need to check out the Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer. This deluxe model features a few extras like deluxe shoulder straps, a brass nozzle and a pressure regulator. 

Solo 475-B-Deluxe backpack sprayer in use
Solo 475-B-Deluxe backpack sprayer


Remember when Apple and Samsung started coming out with more than one phone a year and started calling them names like 6s and 6s plus. If you are not into phones, it's ok the point I am trying to make is this. Big brands take out a new product and call it the best thing they’ve ever done. Six months later the take out the new and improved same version! Meanwhile, the people who bought the first version will have to stick with the flaws from the initial release. On paper, it typically looks like yet another cheap sales tactic. So that big companies can rip off their clients more than once a year. 

What to do though when you come across one of these “Deluxe Version” products that look good on paper? So this happened with the Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer. Solo already has a considerable variety of backpack sprayers then they resort to this. Generating more doubts than answers among consumers, that’s why we decided to try out this sprayer. Hopefully, we will rid you of the multiple question marks on this product.

First of the Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer is a 4-gallon diaphragm sprayer. Which typically means you won’t get as much power from it compared to a piston sprayer. It can reach up to 60 psi tops compared to the 90 psi you get from a piston sprayer. However, this makes it a better fit for spraying large areas of land at one time. Less power more range essentially. The hose that goes from the tank to wand is 4 inches long. It is long enough to deliver decent pressure and short enough to easily be able to clean out if anything ever gets stuck. The wand stretches to an overall length of 28 inches. Perfect for many hard to reach places, and some medium-sized trees if you need to. There are three main differences between this deluxe version and the regular 475-B version. First off this deluxe version comes with padded and better-fit straps to add comfort to a performing product. This is pretty big as the straps have been the Achilles heel of most Solo products. The next feature is the pressure regulator. It has four levels of spray pressure available: 15 psi, 30 psi, 45, and 60 psi. Finally, it comes equipped with a brass nozzle most of the other ones are plastic. So, overall this is meant to be a higher quality product. Let’s see if it can rise to the occasion when proven!

Solo 475-B-Deluxe Features

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    Designed with professional features throughout.
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    High-performance diaphragm pump
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    Adjustable pressure regulator with four positions: 15, 30, 45, 60 psi.
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    Extra large carrying handle with wand retainer for easy portability and storage.
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    Deluxe shoulder straps and waist belt for user comfort.
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    Rugged metal frame for stability when filling.
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    Extra-large tank openings for easier filling and cleaning.
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    28" Unbreakable wand and shut-off valve for excellent reach.
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    Commercial shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature to minimize user fatigue.
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    Viton® seals in key locations ensure long service and durability.
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    Fold-away handle with wand retainers for easy storage and transport.
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    48" nylon-reinforced high-pressure hose for extended reach.
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    Double filtration system: filter basket and nozzle filter.
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    Five-nozzle assortment for multiple spraying tasks
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    Covered by a one-year limited warranty.


Overall the results were as good as expected. The “deluxe straps” as Solo calls them are a huge step up from the regular ones that ship with the standard Solo 475-B backpack sprayer. That alone would not justify the 20 dollar difference though. So, there was particular attention on the other features. The adjustable pressure regulator helps especially when just turning it on. So you don’t spray a whole bunch of chemicals out at once wasting them and ultimately costing you money. So this could now justify the price difference. The waist strap could still use a little work. If this had a decent waste strap along with the suitable shoulder straps, it would be great. That way it would stay in place even while pumping. It takes a little while to adjust to a proper pumping technique while carrying it. Once you find your stride, it becomes a lot easier to get through a large patch of land efficiently. One thing that we could say is the most underrated feature is the 4.25 inch opening on the tank. Refilling is typically one of the biggest hassles when spraying being able to do it quickly and efficiently is a huge plus. Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer has room for improvement, but it is good overall.

Reviews Indicate A Polarizing Product

We mostly thought that the price difference between the Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer and the normal one was justified. Not everyone agrees though. It depends on the level of comfort you are looking for as well as your budget. In our mind, the deluxe version entirely ups the level of comfort, and that is why a 20 dollar increase seems fair. Although, we can agree that it is tough to put a justified price tag on each of these solo backpack sprayers. The issue is that at first glance they all look very similar to each other, and most of them have a 4-gallon tank. It is tough to tell the difference visually speaking, and yet the price gaps between them are noteworthy. Making it tough to know for sure if you are getting a good deal. Especially with all the different price available online. There are a fair number of complaints just related to shipping, like missing or damaged goods. Damage during transport can happen with any product that is shipped to you so keep that in mind.

What we like

The comfort level is excellent. Especially compared to the regular version. Decent straps can go a long way with these products. Great for handling harsh chemicals such as bleach. Bleach is not something you can put on all sprayers and expect them to work correctly. It is typically these types of chemicals that are sprayer destructors. With the Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer. Making it great for heavy-duty jobs. Overall the pump to spray ratio is excellent! It isn’t a tool you are going to have to pump a 100 times to spray once. Which again makes it great for use in large patches of land. Overall good performance and durability.

What we don't like

We had a some doubts on the Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer, but the biggest issue ended up being the price tag. Like was mentioned previously. A lot of these sprayers can deliver close to the same performance, but their prices vary too much. That and the fact that because of this even though you are buying from a supposedly trusted “brand” you really can’t be sure about the durability. That is not an empowering feeling as a consumer when you don’t know what kind of product quality you are getting when you buy.

Buying Advice

If you are going to buy a Solo 475-B-Deluxe Professional Backpack Sprayer, try to buy directly from Solo or Amazon. That way you are getting the factory warranty and not an independent seller warranty. Also when comparing these sprayers don’t go by the looks, but by the features. Look for the one that best fits your needs and even the price range you are willing to pay! Overall they are very decent products. Like with any purchase you never really know until you try them out yourself.


I give it 3 stars.

The price tag is a little steep. However just judging this as an individual product and not a deluxe version it a strong sprayer that will continue to put out a good performance for years. Plus it is a lot more comfortable than most of the other backpack sprayers out there. Performance wise it can compete with some of the top professional products out there. In that level of competition, it has a very affordable price.

If the Solo 475-B-Deluxe backpack sprayer isn't a perfect fit read our Best Backpack Sprayer Buyer's Guide here. We also have a Backpack Sprayer 101 Guide available if you're just starting out!

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