Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe Review

solo 4300343 shoulder saver harness deluxe

The Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe is a great way to reduce back strain and increase comfort while you're working. This well-made harness has extra wide shoulder straps and lumbar support for the lower back. It is well suited to replacing old shoulder straps or even upgrading the straps on a brand new backpack sprayer.

Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe


Companies are always working on cutting costs, and unfortunately, sometimes that means reducing the quality of the product. In going about trying to save money the first thing they throw out the window is usually add-ons to make the product more comfortable to use. Their simple logic is that if the product itself you can’t complain that much even if it is a pain to use. Let’s not even get started on those companies who not only make uncomfortable products but have no regard for their clients what so over. Their products are not just a pain to use, but contacting the company is even worse. In the past couple of months, we have done multiple reviews on Solo Backpack Sprayers. Many of which performed very well, but were too heavy and uncomfortable for all types of customers to use. The complaints were mainly due to the lack of padding or stiffness in the backpack straps. To make amends for these issues, they have come up with the Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe.

This is an add-on fully compatible with the whole Solo line of backpack sprayers. Again this is an add-on it does not come standard in any of the models. Equipped with contoured and padded shoulder straps as well as lumbar support. It is a real step up from the standard straps that standard Solo sprayers have fitted by default. Like previously mentioned it is supposed to be compatible with all of the Solo models. For some of the older models though you may need to make some adjustments as the connectors are not all the same. With newer models, it should have no issue.

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    Fits all Solo backpack sprayers
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    Contoured and padded shoulder straps
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    Lumbar support. Genuine solo replacement parts
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    Made in the USA!

What People Are Saying Online

Most people are complaining that they bought the Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe which promises to fit all Solo sprayers, and they can’t get it to fit their older sprayers. Also, they seem to lack the proper instructions so that everyone can make it fit them and their sprayer. Incorrect installation can then lead to tears in the straps and awkward working positions. That is a typical issue with one size fits all types of products. When people can get them to work, they are a great asset. Otherwise, this ends up being more of a hassle than a solution in some people’s eyes.

What we liked

For the record, we were able to attach the Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe to multiple Solo sprayers. We do however understand that the “directions” provided aren’t easy to follow. There is no good reason to try and carry 12 to 20 pounds on your back without the help of back support. That is why this harness has made a lot of people’s lives easier. Without it, there would be a lot of people that wouldn’t be able to use Solo sprayers. Especially the ones that don’t come with standard padded straps. When adjustable it can be a lifesaver for your back. So we liked it very much overall.

What we didn't like

One size fits all generally means one size fits most and that applies in this case. If you have a newer Solo sprayer, it should install without any problems. If you have an older Solo sprayer or even a different brand of sprayer like Chapin, the straps will likely fit but may need some slight alterations.

A lot of people can see this as an acknowledgment that the regular straps are not good enough. In the same breath that they take ownership of their mistakes, they want to continue to charge more money to their existing customer. Overall the fact that this product had to exist because they were too cheap to include it in the backpack sprayers doesn’t go well for the brand or us.


I give it 3.5 stars!

If you own a Solo backpack sprayer and have trouble using it with the factory straps, there is just no reason you shouldn’t take a chance on the Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe. Yes, we are well aware that there are some negative aspects to the Solo Shoulder Saver Harness Deluxe. We realize that, but overall buying a new backpack sprayer is still more expensive than buying this harness. Plus it will not interfere with the type of performance you are getting out of your backpack sprayer. If anything it will allow you to spray with better overall comfort. In turn, potentially allowing you to spray for more extended periods of times. If you have any back pain, however minimal it may be, this is a must buy.

There is a vast difference between using these straps in comparison to the ones that come standard. This harness makes a lot of the heavy duty Solo Backpack sprayers a viable option for people who otherwise could not use them because of physical limitations. The main issue is that if you are going to buy a new backpack sprayer, it adds 30-plus dollars to your total. Making the medium priced sprayers rise to almost on top of the professional line sprayers. On the other hand, as an add-on to older sprayers, it can help prolong their useful lifespan.

The saddest part is that this shoulder harness is a decent add-on that many feel Solo should have included with the original sprayer. The reality is that when you have such a dominant presence in any given market, you can pull these types of things off. The product’s issues have to do more with lack of information rather than lack of quality. That, of course, does not make its problem less critical, but it is something that can be solved. If you have any Solo product, we recommend you buy one of these Harnesses sooner or later. Health wise it can help out long term. 

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